tapas to start with
Mediterranean olives 2,6
Anchovies/”Boquerones” (white anchovies) marinated from the Cantabric Sea 5,50
Russsian salad with tuna 4,00
Highly seasoned pork saussage 4,20
“Jabugo” ham 17,00
“Serrano” ham 8,00
“Patatas Bravas” (potatoes with spicy sauce) 4,00
Potatoes with garlic mayonaise 4,00
Homemade ham croquets (unit) 1,40
Spanish omelette 4,00
Assorted charcuterie 8,50
Cheese assortment 8,50
“fuet”(Catalonian saussage) 4,00
“padron” peppers 5,50
Spinach Catalan style 7,50
Mixed grilled vegetables with  “romesco” sauce 8,00
Beef carpaccio with parmesan cheese 12,00
Blood saussage with onions (unit) 2,70
Meat balls with peas 5,50
Deep-fried “boquerones” (white anchovies) 7,00
Mussels fisherman style 6,00
Prawns “ajillo” (garlic and chilli) 12,50
Grilled prawns 13,00
Andalusian style / grilled small calamari 7,00
Small octopusses in ink sauce 7,50
to continue…
“Escudella” (Catalan soup) 6,50
“Gazpacho” (cold tomato soup) (tapa 2,50) 6,60
Goat cheese salad with honey vinagrette 8,00
“Esqueixada” (cold tomato salad with raw cod) (tapa 5,00) 7,50
Xato salad (raw cod tuna and anchovies) 8,00
Grilled “Dorada” with creamy potatoes and crunchy Serrano ham 13,50
Cod “llauna” or “all i oli” (garlic mayonaise) 15,00
Fish mixed grilled 16,00
Hamburger with onion and “idiazabal” cheese 10,00
Pork saussage with white beans 8,00
Chicken Catalan style (raisins, prunes, pine nuts) 9,50
Grilled chicken marinated with Soya sauce 8,00
Pork cheek roasted in red wine with pears 10,00
Veal sirloin steack from Girona with guarnishment 16,50
Seafood Paella 15,00
Country Paella 14,00
Vegetable Paella (from the season) 10,00
Home made gratin canellonni 8,00
Spaguetti wth wild mushrooms and “manchego” cheese 8,00
Bread with tomato 1,60
All i oli 2,00
French fries 3,00
Bread 1,00